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Morgan Fitzpatrick

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Fashion · Beauty · Lifestyle · Tourism

Corey Hacket-Greene

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Tourism · Fashion · Men's Grooming · Lifestyle

Sunny Murthy

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Fashion · Men's Grooming · Med-School 



Intercontinental Downtown Los Angeles

Cremo Company

Hotel Zena

The Mayhem Collection


CC™ Playbooks

We have created a complete series that will help you become the Content Connoisseur™ you are. Within the last year, hotel partnerships have been highly requested for information. We have pre-released our Hotel Partnerships Playbook CC12.V1! Below is the list of all the upcoming cheat sheets. This is the way of The Content Connoisseur, feel free to sign up for updates on upcoming cheat sheets, invest in the resources that you believe will bring the most value to you.

Coming Soon!

  1. Definitions Sheet

  2. Personal Branding ©

  3. Social Media Branding

  4. Tips for Increasing IG Engagement

  5. Linkedin: Content Creators and Influencers

  6. Linkedin (General)

  7. Influencer Brandings

  8. Media Kit: w/ Free template

9.Post Campaign Impact Reports: w/ Free template

10.Email general


12.Hotel Partnerships (Available Now!)

13.Excel Forms

14.Content Creation Schedule



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