Frequently Asked Questions

Booking and Payments

I definitely want to book you! What's the next step?             

•Awesome! We're excited to work with you! To officially book us, you'll have to sign our contract and pay a non-refundable retainer fee. As soon as those two things are in, you're BOOKED!


I'm not in the Virginia area, what are the transportation fees?             

•Special accommodations will be made through email.


Can I make monthly payments?             

•Definitely! For amounts larger than $2,500 you can make payments at any time. Installment payments are required beginning 5 months from your scheduled shoot date.


When is our remaining balance due?             

•The remaining balance is due the day of the shoot.


Can I pay with a credit card?             

•Sure! We accept all major credit card and we will take your transaction online and email you a receipt for your records.


Who do I make checks out to and where do I send them?           

• K3 Marketing and Media Group | 301 Republic Loop apt 6-103 | Yorktown, VA | 23693


What information does your media team need to know for the shoot date?             

• A timeline that we can collaborate together if you prefer                        

• Any rules or guidelines pertaining to the media             

• What time you want us to start and what time we will finish. 


Can I make prints with the USB drive that's included in the package?             

•Absolutely! All of the edited photos from your shoot day will be on your USB drive. They will be high resolution and ready to print.


Why should I hire a wedding cinematographer?             

•Photos are worth a thousand words, but we strongly believe that a video is worth a million! Professional wedding Cinematography captures all of your precious moments in real-time as they are unfolding. A wedding trailer does not only offer candid stunning moments of your gorgeous day, but it will also capture everything in between that you may have missed which allows you to watch them back and relive the moment.


Can I select the songs in my video?             

•You have the creative ability to choose any song selection for your videos. We ask for at least 3 songs we can possibly use and we will make the best edits based on your selections.


What’s Raw Footage?             

•Your raw footage is the keystone to any video- it’s all of the footage that your cinematographer captures.


Why should I get a 2nd Cinematographer?           

•Two perspectives mean double the angles! A 2nd Videographer captures the actions and reactions of you and your guests throughout the event. 

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